Tell me About - Adjuvants


What are Adjuvants?

Many tree health professionals use adjuvants with their spray treatments to increase the results of their treatments or make them easier to apply. An adjuvant is any agent added to a solution to increase or aid in the effect of the treatment.

How do adjuvants work?



No Surfactant
(on left side)

Droplets naturally will bead up in larger groups reducing the surface area contact with the leaf.

Using Surfactant
(on right side)

Sufactants reduce the surface tension of droplets and increase the leaf coverage.

Drift control

No Drift Control

No Drift Control

Without drift controls, small droplets form and are harder to control.

With Drift Control

Using Drift Control

Drift controls increase the droplet size to make the spray easier to control.

Want to know more about how adjuvants can increase your treatments effectiveness or improve your operations?
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